Seed Forum Riga

About Seed Forum in Latvia

The 1st Seed Forum in Riga was organized on the 27th of May 2008 in the Glass Hall of Hotel Bergs. Since then there has been a Seed Forum in Riga organized every 6th month.

The 1st hosting partner for Seed Forum Riga was the DNB (Nord) bank in total 5 times in Hotel Bergs and 7 times in the 11th floor conference hall of the Bank Headquarter in Skanstes Iela. Seed Forum Riga has also been hosted 3 times in Citadele Bank, 2 times at Altum Banka in the Old Town and 2 times in the Swedbank headquarter.

The evening receptions to Seed Forums in Riga has been hosted most of the times in the Residence of the Norwegian Ambassador and once at the British Embassy and once at the Estonian Embassy.

The opening remarks in Seed Forums in Riga has been given by many important persons among others the Norwegian Ambassador HE Jan Grevstad, the Norwegian Ambassador HE Steinar Hagen, the former Minister for Economy, Daniels Pavljuts, and the Former Minister for IT, Ina Gudele.

The 1st pitch training for Latvian companies was organized spring 2009 in the premises of the Law Firm Borenius and has been organized every 6th month since then. Most of the trainings has been hosted in the main 2nd floor conference room of the Latvian Investment Agency (LIAA) but it has also been regional pitch trainings hosted in Valmiera, Liepaja and Ventspils. More than 100 Latvian companies have so far participated in Seed Forum pitch trainings in Latvia and presented in Seed Forums in Riga and overseas.

Seed Forum Latvia Foundation has been the national operator of the Seed Forum Process in Latvia since it was founded by Seed Forum International Foundation as the sole founder with assistance from the Borenius Law Firm in 2008. Seed Forum Latvia was one of the partners of the INTERREG project “home/team market” with grant from the European Commission from 2012 to 2014 which led to a major increase of Seed Forum activity in Latvia.

Seed Forum management in Latvia:

2008 – 2010Steinar Hoel Korsmo
2010 – 2015Gints Vins
2015+ Elina Fomina

Board members of Seed Forum Latvia Foundation:

  • Steinar Hoel Korsmo, Chairman of the board
  • Elina Fomina, board member
  • Thomas Due, board member

Former board members of Seed Forum Latvia Foundation:

  • Gints Vins (2008-2015)
  • Nils Sundling (2008-2016)

Various prominent representatives have given key-notes and opening remarks in Seed Forum Riga as for example:

  • Ambassador of Norway HE Jan Grevstad
  • Ambassador of Norway HE Steinar Hagen
  • Minister for Trade & Industry of Latvia, Daniels Pavljuts
  • Chairman of the Norwegian-Latvian Chamber of Commerce, Alf-Erik Lundgren
  • Former Minister for IT of Latvia, Ina Gudele
  • Head of the LIAA (Investment Agency of Latvia), Andris Ozols